Celebrating with Steve Loe

Celebrating with Steve Loe

Steve Loe is the owner of the Local Business Awards that we have been photographing for a few years now. Steve is a lover of Broadway musicals, so to celebrate his 60th birthday Steve decided to host a Broadway themed party.

Over the 30+ years of running the Local Business Awards, Steve has provided work for many entertainers in his awards shows. So he put the word out to those performers to do a couple of numbers at this birthday bash.

The response was great and performers on the night ranged from eighteen year old Alex Marcel who Steve discovered busking in Pitt St Mall through to seasoned music theatre and cabaret performers Meredith O’Reilly, Rob Johnson, Monique Montez, Tim Maddren, Evelyn Duprai, Di Solomon, Suzy Ray and Dexter Villahermosa along with TV performers Hayley Jensen and Harrison Craig (The Voice).

The production was guided by Edward Wightman (Director), Andrew Yoole (Writer and designer), David Thomas (Production Manager) and Todd Dewberry (Stage Manager).

It was our pleasure to provide The Red Carpet Experience for the Steve to welcome his guests in front of a red velvet curtain where they were captured by Cristiana, one of our regular Local Business Awards photographers.

Congratulations and thanks Steve – it was a great night.