The EventPix story

The EventPix story by Trevor Connell, EventPix founder

TCmugBack in 1980s and 90s I was working as an event manager, designer and technical director and I was photographing my own events whenever I could.

I was also using a lot of photography in my events – they were called slide shows in those days and required elaborate setups of projectors and dissolve units (I still have a stash in my shed).

At some of these events we would photograph on slide film and have a lab booked to process and mount the film so we could produce a closing slide show for the conference or event.

Then along came scanners and soon we were digitising our film and making the images available via that other newfangled thing – the internet.

Then digital cameras – the first professional ones cost as much as a car and could only be afforded by newspapers that saw the benefit of fast turnaround.

When I started EventPix in 2001 we were still shooting on film and I realised that making the images available online was going to change the way event photography was going to be used forever. So we set about developing our fist website and gallery system.  This is now in its fourth generation and we are still looking at ways of improving the system.

Over the past decade and a half we have added photographers in all Australian capitals and many regional cities along with New Zealand, to service our clients without having to incur travelling and accommodation expenses.


The range of events our photographers have covered for our clients includes conferences, trade shows, product launches, awards presentations, graduations, marketing events, cocktail parties, corporate end of year parties, fundraising events, etc where the images have been delivered to our clients and their guests within a few days.

We have also developed a number of interactive products including on-site studios, particularly for awards presentations, corporate parties and celebrity meet n greet. Sometimes these are a straight studio setup with backdrop or media wall and at other times we have provided a themed studio with props and costumes.

Over the past couple of years we have developed a green screen studio where we have put guests into various locations; including holding the Beijing Olympic Torch in exotic locales (the challenge with that one was adding the flame). Other green screen projects have included creating footy cards for kids at Richmond home games and numerous magazine covers.

Often we print these images on site using a range of printers from postcard to A4.

Coming from a production background in the events industry I guess I have a good understanding of what will work for an event and I have an understanding of the turnaround times required in the industry.  Through this industry background I was a founding member of the ISES (International Special Events Society) Australia chapter and spent time on the chapter executive.  I am also a long-time member and supporter of Meetings & Events Australia (MEA) and photographed their conferences for over a decade.

I do enjoy coming up with creative ways of using our photography tools to create interesting experiences for our clients and their guests.

personal work by Trevor Connell