Working with Children policy

EventPix regularly photograph school age children at events; including graduations, presentations and school formals.

Although the ultimate responsibility for the students’ welfare rests with the event organiser, teacher, or other responsible person we appreciate we also have a responsibility to treat the students according to accepted standards.

We work with both male of female photographers but always endeavour to have a female assistant to be the one in direct contact with students. While the photographer may direct posing from behind the camera the assistant will be responsible for gentle hands on styling of the pose if required.

All EventPix photographers and assistants are required to follow these guidelines when working with students.

  • Never be alone with any student.
  • Posing a student – it is often useful to guide a student into a pose by gently touching the shoulders or hands to the required position. However the stylist should always defer to a parent or teacher where possible.
  • The photo studio should always be setup in a public area where the event manager / teacher has a direct view of the action.

The Ultimate Selfie – is an open photo booth so that students are always visible.

Online delivery – password protection is provided for all photo galleries that focus on students and only images from the one event are available via that password. Direct download is not enabled – all images must be ordered so we can track the orders – even for free images.