Realtime by eventpix


The wait is over. You can now have instant access to the professional photos as your events unfold.

How does RealTime Delivery work?

1. Snap

Real photography is taken by professional photographers with professional equipment.

2. Scan

Scan a QR code or RFID to receive photographs in real-time through private and public galleries.

3. Share

You, your marketing team and your guests can instantly download and share photos from your events.

Step aside smart phone photography

Do your brand justice

In today’s instant world nobody has time to wait a day before they post! But poorly taken phone photos do nothing to enhance your brand.

Welcome to the EventPix RealTime delivery service – professional photos taken of your event that your guests access and share immediately.

Engage your audience

When our photographer takes a photo of your guests they will give them a card that they scan with their phone – this will give them immediate access to the photos that were just taken, which they will then be encouraged to share on social media.

Our service


The social media manager for your event can be given a login to access all the images. They can then select images and post straight to social media with all the information about the event with the appropriate hashtags.  This can be done on or off site on phone, tablet or laptop.


We have partnered with leading conference registration services to integrate into their systems. The conference name tags include the QR code that our photographer will scan to give your delegates immediate access to their photos and to whichever galleries you decide to make public.


Quailty Control

In the past, we would fully edit images post-event and deliver the following day. So how do we ensure quality with such a quick turn around?

1) The photographers – we only work with experienced professionals.

2) Preparation – our photographers arrive in plenty of time to check lighting and do test shots. So the majority of the images will be close to perfect already.

3) Monitoring of the files as they are uploaded – we have an experienced photo editor watching the feed. Their job is to delete any sub-standard (or inappropriate) images and to quickly edit any that require it.

Would you like prints with that?

Onsite Printing

We can combine the service with onsite printing.


Camera files for media and documentation

The original camera files will be edited and delivered to the client a few days post event.  The images can also be made available via our current sales gallery for guests who wish to order prints.


The RealTime service is available throughout Australia (the associated printing service is limited).

Let's Create Lasting Memories of Your Events

Whether your event is next week, next month or next year, let’s start the conversation about how we can help you create beautiful life-lasting memories of your events together.