LBA onsite orders

Instructions for downloading your digital files and ordering prints.

You have been sent a link via email which will take you to an online gallery — you can view and download your files from the gallery and also share directly to social media.

Download instructions: The download icon at the top right of the gallery will download all images in your gallery at full resolution (note: they are large files).

To download individual files – Click on any thumbnail to show the preview image. Then click on that image to bring up full size. Click the icon on the bottom right to change the image size – then right click on the  image to download to your computer.

Use the share button at the bottom of each image to instantly post your photos to social media.

About the file sizes

SmugMug size

Pixels wideApprox. file sizePrint sizeSocial


38404 MbA2


25602 MbA3
X420481.2 Mb



1600700 KbA5


XL1024230 KbA6


L800130 Kb

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Prints – complimentary and official recognition prints

Included in your package is a selection of complimentary prints. You can also order the official Local Business Excellence Awards print or poster with an overlay that shows your award details. These prints are available in a variety of sizes ready for framing and display in your business. 

Follow this link for more information and order forms   

Copyright – your photos are covered by an Unrestricted Digital Rights Licence – that means you can use them however you wish. Print them, publish them, use them in your advertising, website, social media etc.


I thought you took more photos of our team? – We generally take twice and many shots as we need in order to ensure good photos without people blinking, etc. and we choose the best shots for you.

Why couldn’t I get my photos on the night? – Professional photographers shoot via a process called Raw.  These images then have to be processed to ensure you receive the best quality files. Think of it like going to your hairdresser. Your hair has been washed, so now you just leave right? Well maybe your hairdresser is a professional who will now finesse that process and put finishing touches to it. That is similar to our final processing service.

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