Entertainment Photography


Whether it is Lady Ga Ga or a high school band our photographers know how to get the shot.

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That's Entertainment

Our partners at Onstage Entertainment can provide costume characters to interact with your guests and interviewers to get a fun story from them captured as video vox pops.


Photograph your guests as they meet their favourite artists in the flesh, like we did for William Shatner, Motley Crue, The Beach Boys and many more, and deliver them in RealTime.

Festivals & Concerts

Roving photographers can capture your guests and deliver the photos to their phone in RealTime – with your branding on the photo.

Theatre Performances

Have professional photos taken at your theatre or concert performances by expert event photographers who are skilled in capturing the essence of your performance, with perfect lighting and exposure.


We can help create a beautiful library of images to support your marketing and help promote your artists at your events, concerts and festivals.

enhance your event even further with our 

additional services

RealTime Delivery

Turn your guests into brand ambassadors! Roving or studio based photographers can be equipped with our RealTime delivery service. Guests simply scan a QR code to get immediate access to their photo. The images can carry your brand as a watermark, logo or frame.

Onsite Studio

The onsite studio gives guests a great reason to interact with your brand in front of a media wall or with your brand ambassador. We can print your photos onsite, or share them directly via our RealTime service.

The red carpet experience

Give your guests the celebrity experience by walking them down a red carpet that’s backed by your branding. We’ll provide paparazzi (and real photographers) to photograph them, interviewers and so much more to enhance the experience and really set the mood for your event. And deliver the images via RealTime.


Video Vox Pops

Short interviews or pieces to camera that can be edited onsite for immediate sharing to social media or edited post event and made available via an online gallery.

Let's Create Lasting Memories of Your Events

Whether your event is next week, next month or next year, let’s start the conversation about how we can help you create beautiful life-lasting memories of your events together.