Small Business Champions Awards Night 2018

Small Business Champions Awards Night 2018

The Australian Small Business Champion Awards presents an opportunity for small businesses to be recognised and awarded for the amazing dedication and passion they have for running a small business.

The event, presented by Precedent Productions was this year held at The Star Sydney Event Centre and was attended by over 1,000 people. The floor section of the Centre could not possibly fit 1,000 people, so 100 or so were seated in booths watching over the event from atop.

Thanks to Crystal Productions these events go off without a hitch – the lighting on-stage was beautiful and well lit and the sea of rainbow coloured lights created an energizing vibe that excited guests as they walked up to the stage to receive their award.

For us, as event photographers, this is a massive production. During the event we had three photographers to cover the on-stage awards, another on atmospheric and entertainment shots and a photographer capturing the most important official award photo in the studio. The extended team for this is a salesperson selling the photo packages, friendly support staff and an usher who takes people off-stage and into the studio.

Here are some photos we captured as the night unfolded.

Many thanks to Steve and the team at Precedent Productions for requesting we, again and again, be their trusted awards photography partner at these events.

How To Boost Conference Attendance With Live Video On Facebook

How To Boost Conference Attendance With Live Video On Facebook

Can you remember the days when meet ups were only arranged via a landline (and you actually had to be on time)? or when you only consumed advertising on the TV or via billboards, magazines, catalogues or at events and shows?

Now, with the power of technology we can attend events online, and receive direct marketing from our favourite brands straight into the palm of our hands.

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a live Adobe conference from the comfort of my home office. Like many busy people, I didn’t have time to physically attend so this was perfect. This prompted me to investigate how other event managers can do this.

For most organisations, the cost vs benefit of setting up the infrastructure to host live video is usually outweighed, so today I’m going to share with you a very cost effective way of getting your conference in front of your audience on a much larger scale using Facebook live.

“WHY” Go Live On Facebook

Let me guess, you’re thinking, “but I actually want people to attend my event”.

Most likely, broadcasting your conference live on Facebook is only going to attract a larger audience – think about people thousands of kilometres away, or across the globe.

Generally, if people get to experience a product or service and they’re happy with the experience, they will make a purchase i.e. boosting attendance at your conference for years to come.

What Adobe did for the live conference that my marketing brain was impressed by, is; only broadcasting the plenary sessions – so none of the workshops; and sending invites to watch the live sessions the day before broadcast – so it didn’t harm ticket sales and attendance rates.

How to Go Live On Facebook

Here’s a checklist to help ensure your “Go Live On Facebook” experience is successful, using a smart phone system:

  • Facebook page or group
  • Smart phone or tablet with a decent camera
  • Tripod for phone, unless you’re roaming around
  • Aux cable connected to sound desk, or an external microphone – remember, your audience won’t stick around if your audio is lousy.
  • Decent internet connection
  • Headphones – to ensure the quality of your sound

The cheap and cheerful way to go live on Facebook using your smart phone is to open the Facebook Pages app on your phone, click on the Live icon, “Describe your live video…” and click [Go Live].


You can hire a professional who will use a DSLR or video camera with video recording capabilities. With the software and hardware now available, this is a very cost effective solution for delivering high-quality video content.

The benefits of using a DSLR or video camera over a smart phone

Going live at your event using a DSLR or video camera is fivefold:

  1. You’re providing high quality and engaging video to your audience on a larger scale
  2. Your marketing team get high-resolution video content to use for future promotion and a highlights video
  3. You can add branded overlays – which is something that you cannot do on a smart phone
  4. The video is colour and light balanced, and
  5. With telephoto zoom lenses, you can get in nice and close.

What and how much to broadcast live on Facebook?

What and how much video you decide to broadcast live to Facebook is up to you and your client.

Before the conference, start to excite your audience by getting behind the scenes – give them a sneak peak of the room, introduce the people who will be working there, go live at the tasting and interview some of the speakers.

During the event, interview speakers and guests between sessions, and give sponsors more exposure by interviewing them at their stand, and broadcast a few sessions to keep your audience who aren’t attending engaged with your brand, and interested in future conferences and events.

Food for thought

If your conference applies to a national or even global audience, you might want to consider selling virtual tickets to your event.

Social Media Examiner started selling virtual tickets to its Social Media Marketing World conference held in the US this year. Sessions were available to watch a few days after the conference, via an online portal.

To ensure your audience gets instant access to sessions, virtual ticket holders could watch the sessions live via a closed Facebook Group.

One last thing to remember

Just going live at your event isn’t enough – make sure you notify your audience before and during your event.

Good luck, and please feel free to share your Facebook Live experiences with us in the comments section below, or via #epxfacebooklive

Facebook Live by EventPix

EventPix thinks Social Media is important and you should too

EventPix thinks Social Media is important and you should too

Since EventPix opened it’s doors in 2001 we have worked hard to provide innovative methods of delivering images to our clients as technology evolves. It’s this, alongside our passion for photography within the event space that has ensured the company’s longevity in a competitive market.
Recently we have taken it up a notch again, and you can expect to see many exciting developments over the coming months as we offer a variety of innovative and experiential new services to our clients.

Let’s get serious about creating Visual Content!
EventPix is embracing the changing media landscape and the importance social media provides to both businesses and consumers. Social Media friendly content is paramount, and we are dedicated to assisting our clients with their new-media endeavours alongside their event goals.
Most recently we have introduced a variety of new experiential services such as The Ultimate Selfie and Your Red Carpet Experience. These have been designed to provide clients with a way of incorporating photography and videography into their event in new, engaging and exciting ways.

The benefits of using both of these services is three fold.
1. You will provide additional interactive and entertaining event content your clients will be drawn to, we can design your experience to be unique and unlike anything they’ve experienced at other events.
2. You are collecting invaluable content for use during and after your event
3. Your guests will love the flattering, professional, high quality images we capture for you at your event and will share them instantly on social media, consequently sharing your brand, or your clients brand with the world.

EventPix get serious about Social
We’re putting our money where our mouth is, and are committed to improving our own social media activity across all platforms to ensure we are not only sharing our EventPix news, but also sharing a variety of tips and tricks, industry insights and a variety of other delights inspired by the wonderful world of events and photography.
If you’re not doing so already please follow us, we know you’ll enjoy what we have planned. Stay Tuned!

If you’d like to speak to us about how we can help tailor your event and photographic experience to best suit your digital media and marketing goals. Call 1300 850 021