Why Expert Event Photographers Get it Right in Camera

Before digital photography became popular, event photographers spent a long time learning how to use all of their equipment. They would take more time framing and lighting an image to ensure they got it right in camera in order to not waste film and processing time.

Nowadays, too many photographers use the “spray and pray” methodology in hope that at least one shot comes out good – or they spend too much time checking the preview image displayed on the back of their camera. When shooting events an experienced photographer is always on the lookout for the next shot.

With the introduction of RealTime delivery, photographers cannot be editing photos on the fly as they capture your event – they have to be totally focussed on the job to ensure every shot is one that your guests will be happy to share.

It goes further than that though. During most events there can be several different lighting situations, leaving many photographers with hours of post-production work to correct their images days after an event has occurred. EventPix have processes in place to ensure that this does not happen, and every shot and moment is captured beautifully.

So the answer is obvious – it is crucial for photographers to get it right in camera. But this takes skill and experience, which doesn’t come easy. This is why EventPix only hires skilled photographers who have the ability to get it right in camera.

Want to learn about how EventPix can deliver your event photography meticulously and in RealTime? Yes, please.

Here is a selection of images from recent events that EventPix shot in RealTime. Enjoy!

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