Everything You Need to Know About Amplifying Your Conference With Event Photography

Conferences have been and will continue to be one of the most powerful ways to bring a community of people together, to share ideas and bring experts and innovations to the forefront of any industry or movement.

The production, styling, lighting, speakers and everything involved to bring a conference together is worthy of being celebrated and documented, typically for the purpose of social media amplification, public relations and marketing the next conference.

Recently at the Lewis Howes Summit of Greatness I witnessed a plethora of photographers and videographers madly running around to capture every finite detail, emotion and energetic atmosphere, entertainment, and world-class speakers on stage and at signings and meet and greets.

It reminded me just how much goes into producing, documenting and marketing such an event.

Reflecting on this, I would like to highlight what it takes to document a large-scale conference and the type of content it can generate.

How Many Conference Photographers Does it Take to Capture a Conference?

How long is a piece of string?

Every conference and event is different, and it all depends on whether there are breakout sessions and how many, what social events and how many there will be, number of delegates attending, whether it includes an exhibition area and brand activations that need to be photographed.

To give you an example, this three day, 1,200 delegate conference required the services of three professional event photographers and one photographic co-ordinator.

  • 10 breakout rooms with X 30-minute rotating sessions per day
  • 5 evening social events
  • 2 breakfasts, and
  • 1 large exhibition floor with 3x stand activations per day.

Hiring an event photographer vs event photography company with conference photography experience

To capture an entire conference you generally need more than one photographer. This is why we recommend partnering with an event photography company that has a network of photographers.

If your conference is in more than one location, hiring an event photography company will make your job that much easier. You can hand your brief to one person with the confidence your brief will be directly communicated with each photographer.

When you partner with an event photography company, you get access to the best event photographers who have been individually tried and tested.

What type of content can be generated from a conference?

Would you agree that the size of a conference can tell you just how amazing it was? Have photos of a buzzing crowd or sea of people clapping and laughing at a conference help you decide whether to attend a conference in the past? Social influence has to be one of the biggest selling points when it comes to events.

In addition to cheering crowds and photos of your amazing speaker lineup on stage presenting the very best of what they know, here are some ideas on how you can use conference photography during the event and into the future.

Social Media Marketing Photographs

Having a conference photographed would have to be the best way to generate social media marketing material for the next 12 months, or until your next conference. Imagine having a database of photography, ready to use on your social channels.

With the power of technology, photographs can be transferred from a camera to a tablet, phone or computer and uploaded to social media within minutes.

Do you engage the marketing team who takes care of your marketing when you’re running a conference? I bet they would absolutely love this.

Conference Showreels and Highlights

During last day of The Summit of Greatness a team of videographers put a highlights video together, which was viewed on the last day. The video highlighted the speakers, personal transformations and new friendships made. It was a moving and inspirational video that reminded me of how I felt when I arrived and how I felt on the last day of the summit. In addition to moving the audience, Lewis sold 1,000 tickets to next years Summit of Greatness.

Do you have a conference coming up that would benefit from having a highlights video?

Video testimonials and interviews

Written reviews are great for social proof on your website, Google and Facebook, and help increase keyword rankings on your website, but have you given thought to how powerful video testimonials and interviews might be? Given video content generates a higher ROI, video testimonials can be a great source of social proof on your conference showreel, website, YouTube channel, social media channels and other promotional material.

Do you already interview speakers and delegates at your conferences? How has it benefited your marketing?

Video of speaker sessions

If your event is only held in one location, a great way to reach a larger market is through virtual tickets. Social Media Examiner do a great job of this with Social Media Marketing World in the USA.

Speakers also love receiving a copy of their session to use in the own marketing materials. Have you gifted speakers a video of them speaking in the past?

The cost of conference photography

Pricing for conference photography varies. It will depend on how many photographers required and how many days and hours your conference will run. One effective way of reducing the cost of photography is offering it as a sponsorship package.

Do you want to partner with a photography company that you can rely on? One that has over 40 years experience in the events industry?

EventPix was founded twenty years ago by Trevor Connell, who has over forty years of Australian event industry experience. These days Trevor concentrates his time working with our clients and team of photographers to deliver a high level and consistent service and the most efficient coverage events.

You can get in touch with Trevor on 1300 850 021 to discuss your next conference coverage.

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