EventPix thinks Social Media is important and you should too

Since EventPix opened it’s doors in 2001 we have worked hard to provide innovative methods of delivering images to our clients as technology evolves. It’s this, alongside our passion for photography within the event space that has ensured the company’s longevity in a competitive market.
Recently we have taken it up a notch again, and you can expect to see many exciting developments over the coming months as we offer a variety of innovative and experiential new services to our clients.

Let’s get serious about creating Visual Content!
EventPix is embracing the changing media landscape and the importance social media provides to both businesses and consumers. Social Media friendly content is paramount, and we are dedicated to assisting our clients with their new-media endeavours alongside their event goals.
Most recently we have introduced a variety of new experiential services such as The Ultimate Selfie and Your Red Carpet Experience. These have been designed to provide clients with a way of incorporating photography and videography into their event in new, engaging and exciting ways.

The benefits of using both of these services is three fold.
1. You will provide additional interactive and entertaining event content your clients will be drawn to, we can design your experience to be unique and unlike anything they’ve experienced at other events.
2. You are collecting invaluable content for use during and after your event
3. Your guests will love the flattering, professional, high quality images we capture for you at your event and will share them instantly on social media, consequently sharing your brand, or your clients brand with the world.

EventPix get serious about Social
We’re putting our money where our mouth is, and are committed to improving our own social media activity across all platforms to ensure we are not only sharing our EventPix news, but also sharing a variety of tips and tricks, industry insights and a variety of other delights inspired by the wonderful world of events and photography.
If you’re not doing so already please follow us, we know you’ll enjoy what we have planned. Stay Tuned!

If you’d like to speak to us about how we can help tailor your event and photographic experience to best suit your digital media and marketing goals. Call 1300 850 021

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