EventPix launch “the ultimate selfie”

130909_0103Kevin Rudd may have taken the idea of the “selfie” to a new political level but we have taken it to a new fashion level.

Yes this product is aimed directly at Gen Y and it will appeal to event managers with an expected guest list who are under 35. It will also appeal to promotional agencies in any fashion or youth orientated promotions.

So picture this – a line up of your guests getting a makeover by the girls from the event sponsor promotional team.  A stylist then adds the sponsor’s accessories.

The guests then make their way into the studio and posing in front of a mirror they use the camera remote control to take a few shots of themselves.

Minutes later the photos are available on the sponsor’s Facebook page ready for the guests to access via their smartphone and start tagging themselves.


If it is a corporate event the photos are uploaded to a gallery and your guests take a shot of a QR code to access a gallery dedicated to the event.  From there they can tweet or Facebook their photo.

And imagine their delight if they find their photo has been incorporated into a magazine cover before being uploaded. Or that magazine cover has been printed for them to take home from the event.

More info about the ultimate selfie

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